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The cover is an integral part of the book that creates the first impression.

Thanks to the use of the latest methods, soft covers can be just as high quality, strong, and durable as hard covers.

Advantages of soft cover

  • The cost of the publication is affordable
  • Adequate strength and durability
  • Lightness and portability of the book

Advantages of hardcover

  • Variety of materials
  • A wide selection of finishes and colors
  • Protection against mechanical damage

Cover design

Individual book printing opens up possibilities for adding design elements.

Thick offset paper—white, colored, or with an original design finish—is typically used for the binding design. An elegant paper cover with lamination, embossing, or selective varnishing gives the books a special sophistication.


Our book sizes

The format of a book plays an important role in the perception of its readers. That is why we offer sizes suitable for different types of publications. Choose the one that best suits your needs!

A4 format: 205mm x 290mm

A4 format is ideal for books that require large illustrations and a lot of text

It is a great choice for:

  • Children's encyclopedias
  • Albums with pictures
  • Educational materials
  • Books with interactive elements

A5 format: 145mm x 200mm

A5 format is more compact and easy to read

It is perfect for:

  • Fairy tales and stories
  • Children's novels
  • Brochures and booklets
  • Books for travel and entertainment

Examples of work

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Why should you order book printing from us?

We have printed thousands of picture books, toddler books, early reader books, and chapter books for young children. We use modern technology and quality printing materials to ensure the vibrant colors and durability of each book. Your books will remain as beautiful even after many years. Additionally, we prioritize children's health, so we exclusively use environmentally friendly and safe materials.

By choosing us to print books for children to order, you receive not just a book, but a genuine work of art, created with love and care for your child. We are always delighted to assist you in creating a wonderful gift that will bring joy and delight to every child!

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